Social Media and Estate Agents


Social Media – The talk of the town.


More and more people are researching for your company or product in social media just as much as they do in Google.


Smartphones and mobile applications has made networking easy at the point of a single touch. People speak business in LinkedIn, ‘tweet’ their word power and showcase their brand value in Facebook.


Okay, this is all great – But what’s the hype about social media for me as an estate agent?


Stay connected, actively with your clients. Just as, if not more important than the leaflets you post through local doors.


Next question – What has social media has got to offer for your clients?


Your presence in social media creates a brand value and you thereby build a ‘trust’ factor among your prospective customers. With every update on social media, you don’t play with mere words, you actually tell (and sell) your clients a story or parts of your business in more than just facts and figures.


Who wouldn’t like to hear your story? Eventually, your story builds a brand image and that’s how you gain their trust.




We are not talking about cartoons, or the latest wizard trilogy –  we are talking about a pathway between what you have to offer as a business and engaging with new or existing clients.


You deliver quality – every tweet, every post, every LinkedIn connection is scrutinized by your client. Every content that you share gives your outlook on the product and business that you are engaged in. With the right and relevant content, you will connect with right people. After all, birds of the same feather flock together, right?




Keeping your audience engaged helps you to build a genuine audience base in the long run and social media helps you to achieve this. Responding to their thoughts and reaching them via comments and tweets makes your client feel important. Understand what your clients want and need to know and speak in their terms. It really is that simple.


So, what are you waiting for? Post your thoughts and beat the heat with a Tweet