Sales, Staff, Profit – The EABO Way


Problems with staff retention, high staff turnover, disgruntled employees, wasted resources?


Well, you are not alone.


All estate agencies at some time face high staff turnover at their business. Equally with sales, staff retention has become the focus point for majority of estate agencies. Finding a balance between being sales driven and creating an ambient environment for employees speaks volumes of a business productivity and profitability.


To put it simply, the more time and money spent on recruitment, the less you sell and the more time you waste.


The key to low staff turnover is to have a stable environment and atmosphere. Surveys suggest that if an employee remains in the same job for two years, he/she is likely remain for another five.


Most junior negotiators however, remain in their posts for less than six months.


Why? Two reasons – they either fail to make ‘the grade’ or they see their peers around them moving on, getting pay rises and decide enough is enough.


Another advert goes out, another junior walks through the door – another month on training.


But wait! What has staff retention got to do with more sales?


Low staff turnover and good staff retention can significantly reduce your headache, but it does not necessarily add to your profitability. But when you focus on staff retention, you do not focus on sales –  you play the game not to lose.


So you want to win the game? Look no further, for we at EABO are here to help you achieve loss of headache and create more time to focus on sales.


So what do we do? Simple – you outsource your mundane back office work to us ,we happily get it done for you and thereby, through increased time on your hands, you increase your sales and revenue. Our team are loyal to you. We do not move to your competition, and we do not look over our shoulder for new jobs.


We are here, for you!


Okay… same outsourcing stuff you’ve all heard before. Well, not quite! One of our UK account managers will come to you, meet you, explain what we can do, and tailor our service to your protocol’s, your software’s and we fit right in. We are not here to change you, but join you!


EABO is here, in the UK, and we make outsourcing to international teams work because you are supported every step of the way.


So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to change your profitability forever.