how it works?
Step 1


An experienced consultant will come to see you and examine the areas of the business we are able to add value.

Step 2


Create improved workflows & procedures for your business. Initiate the recruitment process.

Step 3


Start working together and enjoy the benefits along the way and reduce your running costs.


Core Services

  • Full Time staff member|
  • Part Time staff member|
  • Custom Service

Full Time Staff

  • Full time staff members work a maximum of nine hours a day. 40 hours a week.
  • This service is where you will feel the most benefit of having an EABO employee.
  • Tasks we can complete are the following – But please remember this is a guideline. Certain one off tasks may not be included, but we can carry out.


  • Inbound / Outbound calls
  • Drafting letters
  • Responding to email enquiries / Data entry


  • Utility bill management
  • Change of tenancy letters
  • Online administration

Client liaison

  • Landlord /Tenant / Contractor liaison
  • Communication / Arranging inspections
  • Viewings / client appointments

Work orders

  • Certificate / renewal management
  • Work order arranging / Compliance checks
  • Change of tenancy arrangements


  • Advertising properties
  • Registering deposits
  • Property touting


  • Reconciling / estate agency bookkeeping
  • Preparing invoices / Statements
  • Credit control – Rent / Invoice chasing

Part Time Staff

Part time staff member works a maximum of 20 hours a week. This can be changed depending on what you need from us.

How you wish to arrange a part-time staff member is dependent on what tasks you wish to outsource. There are benefits to this, however we recommend a handful of tasks would be best for the staff to focus on, as opposed to a regular part time job incorporating the entire job role. Just so you receive the most benefit.

Naturally, any of the list from above a part time staff member can complete.

Custom Service

EABO is here to help, and we do not have to have a rigid structure. If you require a tailor made programme, for example one or two specific larger tasks you need assistance with, we can make a plan suitable for you. We will give you a staff member for agreed hours per week/month which we can charge you to accordingly.

If you require flexibility, we can offer this to you.

Our custom plans are bespoke for your business.


  • Bespoke Property Management Software|
  • SEO|
  • Websites and Social Media|
  • Bookkeeping / Accounting

EABO is in a position to offer additional ad-on services. These are not carried out by the staff that work in your business and are completely separate.

Quotes and further information can be provided, just ask your Service Manager for any further details.

Recognise any of these? How we deliver
High employee turnover? Less than 8% staff turnover over the last 3 years
Difficulty recruiting replacements? 150+ trained estate agency prospects at your disposal
Performance is poor or erratic? Intelligent estate agency staff with university degree – guaranteed.
'Can Do' attitude non-existent? We deliver day, nights, weekends & public holidays – exactly when you need us
Little or no loyalty? Grateful for your employment every single day – we owe you, not you owe us for loyalty.
They start well but fade quickly? 100% commitment is assured for you every single day.
Low attention to detail? Clinical precision first time, on time, every single time
Replacing underperforming staff costs time & money? Replace poor performers instantly with no replacement cost to you.

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What is EABO unable to do?

Of course we will not be able to collect keys or visit properties! However, any process of arranging appointments, contacting contractors, and landlords we can facilitate. It may be the case we make appointments for other team members to attend. Team meetings we also cannot attend, but we can keep a telephone/skype line open and contribute where needed.

What happens if an employee is off work or sick?

Our structure is designed to cover all eventualities. You will be assigned one staff member whom you regularly contact, however behind them is a team of staff who observe and learn. There are always staff who are trained and ready to step in case of any absence.

What are the staff rules of confidentiality?

First of all, all staff have to adhere to biometric fingerprint access upon entry. Staff are not allowed to bring into the office and portable devices, all staff are monitored by CCTV, there are no printers and no USB devices.

How about previously working for a competitor?

If a staff member has previously worked for another agent in your local area, they will not discuss any activity or any work processes for their previous work as with not informing any further employer anything about your agency! Rarely are staff re-assigned anyway and stay with one employer.

What other services can EABO provide?

We do have the facility to offer other services, such as accountant services and a comprehensive website and social media package designed for estate agents. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

What is the termination period for a staff member?

Hopefully, this is not a question will ever need to answer! Our termination periods are one months notice, subject to your terms of business agreed with your UK Service Manager.


It's a proven concept

We have proven this works in any country we have worked in - Now you too can enjoy the same benefits.


Your office can work 24/7

You can open your estate agency office 24/7/365 with our help. This can put you ahead of your competitors.


True staff flexibility

Frustrated by inflexible staff? EABO delivers property managers who are flexible to work on any task that needs carrying out.


Will not work for your competitor

Your company secrets must stay a secret – confidentiality agreements signed to assure you what comes to us, stays with us.


Increase sales

Outsourcing mundane tasks will allow your key staff to focus their attention towards more sales!


10+ Years experience

Where would you get 10+ years of experience that is affordable and cost effective? EABO.


Estate Agency Back Office: The Smart Solution

Fast growing estate agents can achieve both decreased costs and increased revenue simultaneously. At EABO, we can help you implement this change through our experience and knowledge in property management outsourcing.

We are dedicated to improving the overall performance of estate agents here in the UK at an affordable price. Outsourcing with EABO allows you to hire an International team of employees dedicated to handling the mundane tasks involved in your estate agency business.

Using an International team allows your company to immediately save 50% of usual estate agency staffing costs. In addition to being cost effective, you are able to pass over all of your companies back office tasks from the daily routine to allow the office to purely focus on sales.

However, EABO is not completely based outside of the UK. We are the only property management outsourcing company to have dedicated Service Managers & Directors based here in the UK who carry out the initial set up and introductions to your new employee(s). We guide you, and we are always on on hand to give you support and troubleshoot any concerns you may have.

EABO will always have a face in your area to help you every step of the way.